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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
We all know how this works (well, many of us). To be even close to the C63 with torque to the wheels, the M3 needs to be very high in the rev range and even then it is less. We are talking about torque produced by the engine (engines being the theme of the thread) which is much more readily available. Bottom line though is you are correct and when driven properly (especially the DCT) torque at the wheels is good in the M3. At a track, the M3 has lots of usable torque when revs are maintained at a high level.
Of course we are talking about the engine......if you don't have an engine you don't have "at the wheels" numbers to use. At the end of the day, the M3 has 295 ft lbs of torque and the C63 has 443....a difference of nearly 150 ft lbs. The fact that the M3 is a few tenths off in the 1/4 mile and bests the C63 on most tracks says wonders about the M3 and it's "lack" of torque. Most people see torque of a C6 LS3 Vette at 430 and 3,100 lbs and don't realize that the M3 torque to the wheels is very comparable to that car.

You are correct about usable torque. I went on many runs with my former M3 and found that for spirited driving, the DCT M3 always seemed to be in the correct gear coming out of turns and puts the power to the wheels in remarkable fashion. I think the car's gearing combined with the DCT is something special. Same held true when I took the car to VIR

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