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Quick question for the M3 crowd. Re: rear seat

Greetings, starting an ambitious project shortly and need to begin gathering parts. Let's just say it involves starting with an e91 LCi and ending up with something the factory never bothered to produce. Anyway, seeing as how the touring has lots of practicality and whatnot, I was wondering if there are differences between the M3 sedan and coupe rear seats? I know of course that the coupe has the central console and seating for just two but do either car's rear seatbacks fold flat? I'm thinking not to enhance rigidity but some pictures I can find online look as though the coupe's seats might fold in one piece while the sedans all look fixed to me. I know that the folding seats were a stand alone option on non-M e90s. Any help would be appreciated as I begin formulating a plan for this task.