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Originally Posted by Hdoan86 View Post
Hey guys, I introduced myself on the Houston M Forum but I guess that site does not receive much traffic. Anyways, can I come to spectate this and just meet everyone and take pictures? The closes thing to a track I have seen is the Houston BMW chapter Autocrossing. If so, is there anyway to have a ride with an instructor (like autocrossing) to see what it's like so in the future when I do participate in a track day?

P.S. I only weigh 140 LBS when I drink a lot of water throughout the day.

You can definitely visit as a spectator...that's how I first met all these nice people and the event organizers (and my car wasn't delivered yet.)

And I took quite a few photographs.


the event organizers will have to share with you the specific rules regarding photography (i.e. there are several off-track spots from which to shoot). Additionally, they allow passengers, but only with the designated instructors. Make sure you bring a recent-model helmet for your head, even if you don't get a reply before Saturday.

And check-up on the policies at MSRH, whether you're on their facility as a driver, passenger, or spectator:

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