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Originally Posted by Giggs View Post
Hey guys I wanted to update you on this event. First, it is still happening on Sept 29th and I'm stoked! Second, we have had quite a few hurdles to overcome thus far with scheduling, dates, etc and there's one more that just popped up. On Sept 29th it is Carmagedon 2, which means the 405 FWY will be closed between the 10fwy and the 101fwy. This is causing a few possible changes the day of our rally;

1) new meeting point
2) slightly earlier meeting time, say 8am
3) cars coming from the North; the valley and Ventura County may need to meet us enroute on PCH or leave earlier to get to the meeting point

Its not however affecting our route because we always planned on taking PCH. Stay tuned for details.
New time and meeting point confirmed:

Sept 29th @ 8am. Meeting point has been updated on the first page to The Home Depot
12975 West Jefferson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90066