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I'm not defending anything. If you feel like adding a duct helps your brakes, which it probably does, more power to you. But the idea that the previous M3's came with brakes that would withstand the rigors of racing is objectively false, and anyone with an earlier M3 not constrained by rules or finances is likely to, and in most cases I've come across has made the same choices many here have made, and that's to upgrade.

The point I was making with the post you quoted is that the challenge faced by M engineers was to design a cost-effective system that would stand up on the track to a car which requires nearly 50% more heat capacity to slow down because it is much faster in a straight line than the outgoing model, and heavier to boot. They've accomplished that, as proven by many people who haven't died when using them on the track with upgraded pads and fluid or even with stock pads and a measured approach to brake management.

FWIW, I would do the same thing if I felt the need. Pads/fluid and a little air are probably all the car needs until you're serious about doing repeatable lap times and at that point it's smarter to get something that doesn't have a trunk or a roof or windows any of that other useless crap on it. I too was surprised to find that my wife's 335xi has the same ducts all of my previous BMW's have had on them and the full-Jesus M3 doesn't. But my E36 and E46's would both burn the brakes down after more than 3-4 hot laps unless you were intelligent about brake management

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