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New pics at link above!

Ok officially going to put this up for sale so let me know if you're interested!

So I’m contemplating putting the M up and I’m still VERY apprehensive as I absolutely LOVE it! The ONLY reason I’m considering doing it is two reasons A) I live in Charleston and apparently owning a boat is just as essential as breathing and B) test drove a GT-R, must start saving…

It took me FOREVER to find an E90 how I wanted it and this one proved to be PERFECT. I know E90’s aren’t “rare” but they are much harder to come by than their E92 and E93 counterparts. I still barely see any E90 M3’s around so I love that fact! I get a TON of compliments on having a sedan vs. a coupe (many don’t even realize BMW made a 4-door version…).

With that said I’ll test the waters and see how much interest I get. If I get enough, and I can get what I’d like to out of the M good to go, if not I’ll enjoy her as long as I can!

Year: 2009 (10/08 build I believe so late ’09 production)

Exterior: Space Gray

Interior: Extended Black Novillo (ND) with aluminum trim (4MX)

Mileage: ~34,000 (I switch between it and my E30 so mileage may go up but not dramatically)


- (2MK) 7-speed MDCT
- (2MT) 19” 220M Wheels (75% Michelin Pilot Super Sports)
- (ZTP) Technology Package: M Drive; Smart card / smart key automatic, includes central locking and includes ignition starter; Card key power locks; Includes: [223] Electronic Damping Control And [609] Navigation System
- (ZPP) Premium Package: Electric foldable mirrors; Garage door opener; Coming home device; Compass
- (ZCW) Cold Weather Package: High pressure headlight cleaners; Includes: [494] Heated Front Seats and [465] Fold Down Rear Seats
- (653) Sirius Satellite radio
- (6NF) Smartphone Integration
- (753) Enhanced Premium Sound


KW ‘Sleeve-over’ kit
- AWESOME kit! Always kept at middle setting. Helps with body roll and still retains use of EDC functionality.
- RETAIL: $855

IND Cosmetic Package (Painted Front Grill, Bumper Reflectors and Side Gills)
- RETAIL: $273

(REPLICA) Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber front Lip
- Condition: Some light scrapes on the bottom, couple small rock chips but nothing severe, all minor
- RETAIL: $1,135 (not sure on rep pricing as they vary…)

(AUTHENTIC) Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Type II Rear Diffuser

-Condition: Like new! Only on the car maybe 3 months. Was recleared prior to putting on car.
- RETAIL: $850

LUX H8 Angel Eyes Upgrade
- RETAIL: $245

Megan Racing SS Exhaust
- EXCELLENT sounding exhaust. Made in same factory as Agency Power exhaust which retails for nearly 3 times what the Megan costs. No marks, scratches, etc. Washed within reason (and reach) when car is cleaned.
- RETAIL: $660

RPi Intake Scoops (Red) (NO FILTER)
- EXCELLENT sounding exhaust. Made in same factory as Agency Power exhaust which retails for nearly 3 times what the Megan costs. No marks, scratches, etc. Washed within reason (and reach) when car is cleaned.
- RETAIL: $100?

Black Roundels (Hood, Trunk, Steering wheel REAL roundels not stickers)

- RETAIL: $60

BMW 231E Software Update
- Many on M3post have claimed (supposedly…) that ‘11+ cars generally dyno 20hp more than earlier years. The root of this was thought to be the engine software (NO other performance altering internal changes to the engine have been made). I was working with my SA trying to track down an issue with iDrive and as part of the process they updated for me (“under warranty”) to 231E. This is EXTREMELY difficult to get from the dealer and many will not update without charging. It is available as an upgrade from various tuners though.
- RETAIL: $100?


Exterior (8.5/10): The exterior is in INCREDIBLE shape and I’m VERY tough with my numbers. The front bumper does have the typical rock chips but nothing out of the ordinary for a car of this year. The paint has always been taken care of with Zaino products and claybared/waxed every 3 months. When the car is washed the door jams and ALL seams are wiped down including in the engine bay and around the trunk. Only scratches are 1 VERY small one on passenger fender (VERY small) and a slightly larger one the underside of the driver side rocker panel (not really noticeable when looking at the car if you didn’t know it was there). There is a small "indention" on the front bumper where another car conveniently decided not to leave a note when going nose to nose in a parking deck. Again not terribly noticeable unless you look for it.

The engine bay is in GREAT shape with no accumulations of dust/dirt. I wipe it down with every wash. Only place there may be some natural “grit” is where I can’t reach with a towel. Will still try though before selling!

Interior (9.5/10): The interior looks IMMACULATE. Always vacuumed and leather treated with Zymol. I’m anal and literally keep two microfiber towels in the center console and am forever wiping down the dash, console, anything in reach at stop lights. Anal. Yes. The factory “protective plastic” is still under the driver and passenger mats if that says anything. Only reason it isn’t a 10 is because NO car unless new is a 10…

Performance (10/10): Ok maybe this is a 10 because it hasn’t changed since new! Never tracked but I’ll be honest on occasion fun to take on some back roads (that is the point of an M3…). NO issues with anything on the car. If anything between the suspension the car handles better and with the exhaust makes it sound a lot better.

- Records/Maintenance: I have EVERY record since the car has been in my possession (late 2011). BMW wouldn’t release detailed records from the previous owner (I’m the second owner) but they did give me a list of items to date they had (which were all warranty). I’ve developed a VERY good rapport with my local BMW service team and they’ve been AWESOME at taking care of me. Yuri and Scott (aka ‘Grandpa’ and Master/Head Tech) are the ONLY two allowed to work on the car and do a GREAT job every time. It is up to date on EVERYTHING. Personal maintenance includes oil changes between dealer OC’s. Car hasn’t needed ANYTHING else.

Warranty: The warranty will run through I believe 11/23/2012. There is the option to extend it during this period if they buyer chooses to do so. They will need to contact their local BMW dealership or one of the ones on M3Post (my recommendation…). To date the car has been INCREDIBLY solid. A couple small iDrive things and one update for the DCT but it has been solid considering the technology built into the car!

PRICE: As noted I do NOT need to sell the car but would like to get $46k with the original 220M’s (ADV.1 wheels are SOLD!). If I were to take off EVERYTHING I’d be will to let the car go for $44k. I feel that is appropriate and in line for a VERY clean E90 with some typical, tasteful mods.

Please feel free to drop me a PM with questions, requests for more pics, etc.

Couple links to my "past" cars so you know I'm an enthusiast!

My old Cayenne Turbo:
My old E39:

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