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Originally Posted by SD-E93-11 View Post
BMW paying for maintenance might seem to be a reason for them to lengthen the service interval, but the intervals are similar for other European performance makers that recommend synthetic exclusively but don't pay for maintenance, and therefore have no incentive to stretch intervals out.

Questioning the extended interval was a frequent topic on Merc boards and especially so on Porsche boards for the 2005-07 models when owners were questioning the 20,000 mile interval that was recommended. But the 997/987 have been relatively trouble-free and around a good bit longer than the e9x so it has not seemed to hurt reliability. That said, it is interesting that Porsche went back down to 12000 mile intervals and then 10,000 in subsequent years on refreshed models.
that's interesting.i know i got on my soapbox a thing i haven't factored in is that oil technology gets better and better.i talked again to my friend who's a bmw master tech and he said they are seeing sludge in the oil of cars that have waited the 15k miles,so i'm more comfortable with the shorter intervals.