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Originally Posted by ward View Post

are a couple of places that put on trackdays for you, I'm trying to help you out there.

as for only claiming cars that you own on your sig, you've got some work left

Do you think I should put info on my sister's car or maybe my mom's car on mine?
Hey retard I said I Bought Both cars that means I OWN them because whoever drives it doesn't mean its someone elses, think before you talk I've owned cars you wish you could afford and not only that those arent the only cars I own I have a 06' RR Sport superchargerd and Since this isn't a Land Rover forum I don't post it. (That and there is no ******* and FYI I've been to tracks and I can get free track days in real race cars with my friend who races in the Rolex Daytona series so if I can go to the tack in a BMW M3 GT car and get instruction by Bill Auberlen himself and Matt Alhadeff if you don't know them look it up or turn on speedvision on I'm sure theres a race somewhere why would I bring any street car I own to the track? your not really bright dude just quit already your not making yourself look any smarter here.