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Quoted OldArmy:
Really, please enlighten everyone on the payoff. When our action in SWA turns a profit do let me know. It'll be the first time. Much like when we saved your asses twice in the last hundred years.

The payoff? How can you not see how much America has gained from all of this?? How about the billions of dollars oil and military companies have made off this? And its about control as well as money. America wants to be the big player in the world. Why do you think there are still Opium fields in Afganistan?

Quoted OldArmy:
Or could it be because you have an uninformed, insular and juvenile view of the world?

Nope. If i was juvenile i would not engage my brain and not be able to think critically. Obviously your "informed view" comes from mainstream media, i just dont believe what i read in the papers. You'd be suprised theres probably a bigger proportion of us in the UK that does not believe the 9/11 story

Quoted OldArmy:
Actually that's exactly what it means. Lucky for you and millions of others that we have taken that tact so many times.

You've just proven my point its people like you in our Government that most people hate. So America can do what she wants but anyone else its RUN BE SCARED A TERRORIST IS GOING TO BLOW!!!!! You're obviously a patriot so there's no point in arguing with you anymore.

Quoted OldArmy:
You think BMW ownership is a ticket to wisdom and rationality?

I was being sarcastic.