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Originally Posted by mob17 View Post
Ok so what are the Americans and British doing in Afganistan and Iraq? Fighting for out freedom? LOL. No they are not. Is it to kill the evil Osama? Well firstly Osama was an American ally, his family were dining with Bush on 9/11 and even when they apparantly killed him there was no body!! What a joke, after spending billions of dollas and time, surely they would have shown the world their achievement? Weapons of mass destruction? NO again. Oil, Money and Control? Now we are getting somewhere. Can't believe the number of people that believe the official story.

Think i've obviously made a mistake posting this topic in a predominantly American forum, who all believe the official 9/11 story, that it was caused by scary bad "terrorists" who we have to kill matter what. I was bound to get no support. Also, just like to make clear that this is not an anti-American thread, I like American people just not the government and their illegal actions. I have respect for both our militaries, they are just doing their job, even though a minority of the military make me sick.

Just because you are the most powerful nation on Earth, it doesn't mean you are free to do what you want, which is what is happening.

There are millions of American people that would agree with me. Maybe American BMW owners mostly don't, which is sad
"small-scale" wars have been fought by the US throughout most of the 20th century for political and economic reasons. 2001 was no different. I agree that Bush's administration pushed into the middle east to assert dominance, increase regional control, political reasons, etc...

I disagree with the decision making behind the wars in 2001, but that has no bearing on the U.S.' attitude toward Assange.

REGARDLESS of what happened in Afghanistan, however wrong the reasons and effects may have been, disclosing classified documents is a crime and those that do it will be prosecuted. This isn't my yank pride talking, it's simple political/legal position which must be in effect at all times, regardless of what was leaked.

You allow Manning and Assange to go free, you're giving the right to anyone else in the military who feels that it would be a good idea to leak classified/secret documents to the public. If you think the U.S. (or any modern) government or military can function properly with full transparency, you need to educate yourself.

And about 9/11:

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