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Originally Posted by mitch32 View Post
Yea, I can't believe they aren't atleast doing something... The so called "abuse" happened 2000km before my actually diff fell out of the car...

I also own a 1990 Nissan GTR running 600hp and I've driven many times on the drag strip, and circuit, the diff never broke (nothing in the drivetrain besides the clutch actually broke). The diff, axles, driveshaft, are all stock.... Why did a 2008 m3 diff fall out of the car? The m3 should be able to handle its stock power even under abuse, there are limits to abuse I mean bouncing off the rev limiter, clutch kicking, and wheelhop will eventually break things but for an m3 should be able to handle pretty much anything. One of my buddies has an e46 m3, it has been a dedicated track car, is abused almost every day it is driven, and is pretty much stock, it has never had a major issue like this. My e92 was never really abused as such, I've never done a burnout, the only thing I've done is gone full gas from a stop but not a launch with a clutch drop... and no launch control either.

I am truly appalled at the BMW dealerships real lack of willingness to resolve the issue with BMW Canada. BMW Canada denined the claim, should it stop their? I bought the car from the BMW dealer thinking that because I bought it from them they would essentially take care of any of my issues and try to keep me as a customer.

The dealership flat out lied to me multiple times... BTW the dealership also told me the car was never winter driven, with a rusted subframe as such I believe it definitely was. Shame on me for not looking under the car before I bought the car but I thought buying from a BMW dealership with a certified warranty from BMW Canada annulled any reason to actually look under.

Truly disappointed with BMW and the dealership.
Out of curiosity... Are your wheels and tires stock?