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Originally Posted by DaveDee View Post
Hope so, it's a pity Mike Weber is overseas at the moment, do you take your car to him?
We'll keep fingers crossed for you and the weather!
There are now 23 and it's closed off, some very interesting cars coming along too.
I've actually never had to take a car anywhere to have mechanical work done before. Generally I just do it myself with DIY's or with friends. As this isn't simple and it's on the M3 just before a track day I've had to suck it up and come to terms with paying someone else to do it for me.

On the recommendation of Loren, a local with a Supercharged e46 (one of the fastest, if not the fastest in Australia) I have booked the car into Accelerate Automotive. Not exactly a convenient location as I live in the city but I think worth the trip to take it to someone who is familiar with working on E46 M3's.