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Originally Posted by DaveManM3 View Post
I Used a directional Mic on the rear of the car. If you have a GoPro you need to drill a hole into the housing where the Mic input is and just get a 10-15ft 1.5mm stereo extension cable to attach the Mic to the GoPro. Run the cable through the trunk to the mic and place the camera wherever you want.

I'll put up some detailed pics in the morning. Its certainly not high tech by any means
Thanks. Looking forward to it.
Could you also mention the mic used? It sounds totally clean.

Let me get this straight... You are swapping out parts designed by some of the top engineers in the world because some guys sponsored by a company told you it's "better??" But when you ask the same guy about tracking, "oh no, I have a kid now" or "I just detailed my car." or "i just got new tires."