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Little known fact: BBS actually makes the BMW GTS wheels for BMW (competition wheels). The CH-R's aren't any better than the GTS wheels either, they both weigh the same amount and are certified to handle the same stress according to the wheelSTO. The CH-R's just have 14 incut spokes and the competition wheels have 16 spokes, it evens out and personally I think BMW's wheels look much cleaner and sexier, CH-R's look boy racer like. I would get your HRE wheels from RAJA@Ventureshield who you can find on the forum, top service and really low prices.

As far as a drop goes I would never get lowering springs, you're going to always be stuck with set drop with zero adjustment. It's much better to go with a fully adjustable kit so if you don't like it you don't have to pay $1000 to change it every time:

That kit is also one of the best sets of springs you can buy and not much more than a regular set of springs.

Other than that I'd just go with this exact setup:

And here are the wheels on an alpine white car (click the link due to large size):

Hope that helps.

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