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Originally Posted by m3buckeye View Post
I disagree. The fact that it is not CPO is nothing to worry about, and you can likely pay the dealer to CPO if you want it.

Most dealers will not certify a car that is less than two model years old as it has at least 2 years left of factory warranty. It does not at all mean the car was wrecked or anything like that. It costs BMW and the dealer $$$ to certify the car (up front a little, and down the road maybe a lot for BMW if the car is in for CPO repairs all the time). It also hikes the price of the car. It would make no sense to tack on 2 or 3k more to a 2011 with low miles when that gets you close to a price of a '12 or a '13. The flip side is it gives you a warranty/CPO for six years/100k miles. Maybe if every '11 or '12 with 15k or less miles had that then nobody would buy a '13 as the warranty/CPO on the '11 or '12 would be unbeatable.

BMWUSA website: 172 (nationwide) '08-'12 M3s for sale at BMW dealers, only 33 are certified. I highly doubt all of them have been wrecked or had extensive damage.
When I was looking last summer for a used 2010/2011 E90 M3, I found that many M3's did not have CPO due to the extra costs to the dealer. But, almost every dealer I spoke with, was willing to CPO the car if I was willing to pay $3000 for it. Dealer has to do a full checklist when they CPO the car, such as tires with new or almost new tread (I think it had to have 7/32 and BMW approved tires). Any cosmetic damage was fixed by the dealer, etc. Like others have said, the dealer would simply prefer not to do it since it would raise the purchase price, they would rather advertise a lower asking price. Marketing...

OP, ask the dealer if they are willing to CPO the car and how much? It should run the buyer about $3000 give or take to have the car CPO. $3000 for 6 year/100k to me is worth it.
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