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Originally Posted by fuddman View Post
My point is, regardless of the number of miles on the car, if the car has sustained certain types of damage, a BMW dealer cannot CPO the car.
True. Nobody is arguing about this.

Originally Posted by fuddman View Post
One can take a risk and assume that a dealer probably wouldn't keep an un-certifiable car on his lot. Or, a used car buyer can eliminate that risk by simply asking why the car is not certified. The way I look at it, it doesn't hurt to ask.
It does not hurt to ask, but you are going to ask and the SA will probably not know anyway (bought at auction, dealer did not want to CPO it for any other reason, etc.) What good does it do when they say they simply didn't CPO it? Bottom line: get a pre-purchase inspection at a euro indy shop if not CPO'd and maybe do it anyway if CPO. There are a million reasons for a dealer to not CPO and as I said, it is by far the minority of M3s for sale that are CPO'd.

Originally Posted by pizzapie View Post
Both are right. It costs a lot of money for the CPO warranty on M cars, but if it isn't CPO you don't have any assurances of the true condition of the car unless you have it third party examined by someone such as Auto Check or someone like that. Just a suggestion.
Yes, get a PPI. Don't use one of those eBay-type services, find a local and reputable indy euro shop and pay them to do it. Hopefully they have a paint meter as that will be a dead give away for prior damage that doesn't show from underneath.

Good luck and don't sweat non-CPO'd M3s.