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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
i believe the only bespoke part on the 1m is is the "powered by BMW M" sticker on the engine lid
the 1m was an excercise in seeing how much people would pay for a 1m
which is why production was limited, to generate hype for the next 1M based on the new chassis.
why else would a car manufacturer release a model when the new shape of that same model was already out?
a 1 year production run?
yeah right!
Porsche does it all the time. The 997 911 Turbos and GT3's are still being produced with the 991 for sale on the lots.

But I don't see how the 1M isn't an M car? I can understand the argument for the X6M, etc., but the 1M is:

fast, handles around a track with some of the best, has unique M styling, shares many parts with the M3, is light (relative to today's cars), is limited...

Is it the turbos?