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HPDE strictness re. camera mounts

Just a heads-up: I was at Lime Rock yesterday with BMWCCA Patroon chapter for an HPDE event. The organizers were very strict about the securing of camera mounts. They wanted an additional means of securing the camera when a suction mount was used, such as zip-tying to the rear-view mirror, etc. They said they much preferred hard mounts for cameras. They also said that GoPro units are known for failed suction mounts and that the issue is being evaluated by the company.

I mention this because in my two years of doing this, with several groups (NASA, SCDA, IMG, two PCA chapters), this is the first time the organizers have been so strict about this issue.

Also, they stated that in-car timing would NOT be allowed. Data acquisition was allowed, but a current/real-time display of lap time was prohibited. This was also the first time I had heard of this restriction. I guess they want the drivers paying more attention to their driving than their lap times.