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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
P.S. If you really wanted a fast car, you could have done better than an M3 with mods. By the time you put the mods on and the supercharger you are close to GT-R territory in price... make a few simple mods to that car and you have a complete monster. You seem to be very preoccupied with power and speed so I would have thought you would have picked a different starting platform (or maybe a 2013 GT500). Just saying.
Actually if all I wanted was a fast car I would have simply changed my firmware to run the 91 octane + e85 blend. Vishnu is now getting 425 to the wheels with just a tune! Imagine with meth and downpipes! Or better yet, gone all out for (only) $6,750 for the Vishnu single turbo kit. Shiv took me for a ride in his and it was almost silly. I see why it pulled on a 880 HP Vette at Trona.

But alas it isn't just power but the complete package that I was after...including a car that was going to allow me to become a better driver (hence the GT-R was out). So the M3 it is. I'm actually excited to see what I can do with this car.
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