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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
Here we go with comparing a modded car with a stock one

A heavily modded 335 will be faster than a stock M3 or C63... nothing new there nor does it prove anything. There are Civics that would embarrass a modded 335 too. Stock C63s have trapped 121mph in the 1/4 and a modded one has trapped >140mph in the 1/4. Let's compare a modded 335 to a modded C63 and see what the result is.

Bottom line is we are discussing engines here... not what modded car is faster than a stock car. The AMG engine and the S65 are both MILES ahead of the engine in a 335 in every conceivable way other than how easily a turbo can be tuned.
Civics? Please. Try getting a daily driven Civic on street tires in the 11's like you can with a bone stock 335 + tune and meth. My point was being made with daily driven automobiles with very mild mods.

I brought up displacement. So what a C63 makes 451 HP (481 with the PP). It has 6.2 litres it should make a lot of power. An engine that can make this much power with less than half the displacement is a far better engine in my opinion. Getting 30 MPG is just one of the benefits.

But before getting off track comparing the n54 (which is a brilliant motor I don't care what you think) my original post was meant to compare the AMG motor with the M3 motor. It's amazing that BMW can compete on acceleration being down 2.2 litres.
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