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Originally Posted by lthai View Post
There are no real M cars anymore and there hasn't been one since 1999. THERE I SAID IT.
Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
the last M car was the M3
Originally Posted by Brucewonder View Post
if the M isnt on a 3 series, then its not a true M car imo
And this on a BMW forum. There will always be these sorts of comments about every brand. This isn't a real M, that's not a real AMG, those aren't real Porsches, it goes on and on.

What you have to decide is if you're a car enthusiast or a badge enthusiast. If you're a car enthusiast, nothing's changed - the car is the car, regardless of what badges it has or what other cars the badge is affixed to. My M Coupe has driven the same since the X6M debuted, no air-cooled 911s were harmed by the creation of the Cayenne.

However, if a big part of the ownership experience was polishing the M badges on your car and now they're everywhere, I can see why someone like that would be peeved, but I wouldn't expect them to advertise it.