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In a perfect world yes what he did was right. But in reality no, we are fighting terrorism as much as I don't want to admit it we need to realize that we need to get our hands dirty to fight terrorism it's a necessary evil. With that being said what I hated is the way he carelessly just put all this secrets out. People always say that it didn't hurt anybody well my questions is how do you know, some of the documents are top secret if something went wrong because of the leaks there's a good possibility that the US govt kept a tight lid on it.

His actions had good intention just poorly executed. I could careless about the politicians that got embarassed i'm more concerned about our spies, informants and our soldiers that got put in harms way more than anything else.

Also isn't the guy getting arrested for rape, sounds like he is just trying to get away from that. His supporters are saying this was concocted by the CIA but even his lawyer is not disputing the sincerity of the accusers.