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Ok so you all think he's wrong lol. On my own then Guess im just happy someone has taken a stand against our power/control hungry Governments.

But yeah, the military personnel are just doing their jobs. It is unfair if those documents have put them in danger, and a censorship of certain details should have been used. But Assange shouldn't be punished for that. His sources in the military should for releasing that information to him.

If you think that there has been no torture, bribery, personal agendas etc in these wars then that is wrong. Our governments are just simply A class in hiding their dodgy dealings, and i suppose i was just glad someone exposed them. Innocent people that have died in crossfire/military bombings don't mean anything. They are expendable. There are a number of cases when the military thought there was a "terrorist" in a location, ended up bombing the s**t out of it, and ending up with dead civilians. In some of these videos the army is actually laughing at the civilians trying to get away. Im not saying everyone is like that but these irresponsible actions have to stop.

But at the end of the day i believe ALL governments are unethical to different degrees. Some are greedy for personal gain, some are just greedy for power and control. At the moment the American Government is on top and are very good at justifying their actions.

This probably sounds like im trying to start a debate on the "War on Terror" but im not. Just purely focused on Assange and the actions of our governments.

(be easy on me)