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Originally Posted by Chewy734 View Post
Well, I tried center-weighted average metering for this shot, and it seemed to come out great. Very little editing in LR4 was required.

What amazes me the most about this camera, is that if you have a clear view of the object, you just can't miss the shot! I shot a burst of 6 shots in this series and all were in focus and sharp!
That's a nice exposure.

However, I believe that Evaluative metering would have given the same result because you have the sun in back of you and a brown subject against a blue sky is very easy. Even Spot metering would have worked here.

The camera is actually very, very smart about metering. I believe that Evaluative should be most peoples' default. Try this experiment; put something white on a stool in the back yard, in full sun, then get close enough so that it fills about 10% of the frame. Try Spot, Center Weighted and Evaulative. Spot will be underexposed, Center Weighted will be underexposed (assuming that the white subject covers most of the Center Weight territory) and the Evaluative metering will be exposed to show the whole yard, but the white subject will be overexposed.

So, using Spot metering and Center Weight you'd have to raise the EV by +1 or +2 to get the white subject up to white and with the Evaluative metering you'll have to use -1 or -2 EV to keep the white subject from blowing out. In every case you need to adjust EV. The opposite happens with a black subject on the stool.

The key is understanding how these metering systems work and then adjusting accordingly.