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Originally Posted by fuddman View Post
Particularly since the car is from a BMW dealer. Generally, a dealer cannot CPO a car if it has sustained certain damages, e.g., frame damage. Ask the dealer why no CPO.
I disagree. The fact that it is not CPO is nothing to worry about, and you can likely pay the dealer to CPO if you want it.

Most dealers will not certify a car that is less than two model years old as it has at least 2 years left of factory warranty. It does not at all mean the car was wrecked or anything like that. It costs BMW and the dealer $$$ to certify the car (up front a little, and down the road maybe a lot for BMW if the car is in for CPO repairs all the time). It also hikes the price of the car. It would make no sense to tack on 2 or 3k more to a 2011 with low miles when that gets you close to a price of a '12 or a '13. The flip side is it gives you a warranty/CPO for six years/100k miles. Maybe if every '11 or '12 with 15k or less miles had that then nobody would buy a '13 as the warranty/CPO on the '11 or '12 would be unbeatable.

BMWUSA website: 172 (nationwide) '08-'12 M3s for sale at BMW dealers, only 33 are certified. I highly doubt all of them have been wrecked or had extensive damage.