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LM3's post above is the most balanced on this thread so far. I'm willing to give OP the benefit of the doubt because there are indeed stretches on the road where forward visibility is pretty good. but the regulars on this road move so fast that I can't tell you how many times I've taken my eyes of the mirror or checked my peripherals and in a split second, suddenly there's a motorcycle ahead or beind me. you might think it's safe but you could be wrong

some of the criticism of the OP is hysterically aggressive, but there is a good reason behind the don't cross the double yellow rule. I've spent a bit of time talking to the regulars and the people at the Deals Gap lodge and there's definitely a "code" of behavior on the tail - don't cross the yellow, always check your mirrors, pull aside immediately if you see faster traffic - - it's just prudent things to keep everyone safe. plus if a fatality occurs on the tail the cops will shut it all down fast and that one idiot ruins it for everyone.

just food for thought. I too have put two wheels over on occasion, and it is tempting to cut a 'racing' apex through the many kinks, because you can ideed see a decent stretch past them.

I just don't know if I would know the right thing to do if a 40-50 mph motorcycle suddenly appeared mid-apex. even if you both had some time to react, it might unsettle him so much that he goes off his bike and then he's probably just as dead.

final thought - I have always found the argument "like you've never gone fast before" the most idiotic comeback on car forums. just because many people have done the same stupid thing as you doesn't mean what you did is any less stupid. again, this is not directed at the OP