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Originally Posted by Invadermoose View Post
You're right. That's exactly what's going on. Its a bunch of "holier than thous" screaming from a soap box. It has nothing to do with the reality that you could have seriously injured someone + yourself. I can say I will NEVER drive tail of the dragon or mulholland just for the fact that people do this. I mean, even driving like a regular person on this road is dangerous, because someone who wanted to get an AWESOME racing line (on a public road for christ sake) could come barreling into the side of your car.

I mean, my lord, have some respect for other people who drive the road to actually get somewhere. I cant express in words how stupid it is. If you saw me driving calmly on a road wearing a firesuit and a full racing helmet, you'd think I was an idiot. It's the same thing with pretending you're on the nurburgring when you're actually on a road that people regularly drive on
What you're saying is not unreasonable, but perhaps in light of the fact that you have never (and will never) drive this road, you should give OP the benefit of the doubt when he says that the double yellow was not crossed without clear forward visibility.

Having just driven the Tail of the Dragon last spring, I can tell you that the road (unexpectedly) affords very clear forward visibility in many spots, and that forward visibility just does not come thru on video (I filmed my run as well). Some turns more resemble kinks, where putting a couple wheels over when there is no oncoming traffic presents very little risk. There are an equal number of blind corners where strict lane discipline should be followed, and to my eyes OP stayed put through these.

It's always a risk moving into the oncoming lane -- whether that's a legal pass on a country highway, or 2 wheels over on the Tail of the Dragon. But I know of legal passing zones that provide less forward visibility than some sections of the Tail of the Dragon. The road is a constant double yellow for obvious reasons -- passing there would likely be a disaster. But I think that it's a mistake to presume that because it's a double yellow means that crossing over at any point is reckless and creates imminent danger. For your consideration..
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