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Originally Posted by MisterSkiMask View Post
I made my statement because I have hit a deer, and there is no system in the world that could have prevented it. I was on a heavily wooded 30 mph road and the deer came out perpendicular to me in a full run, I got her right in her side.
That's exactly the situation I envision the system helping to prevent. In your situation (and that was mine as well - 3 times) if the system could have notified you there was a deer in the woods on the side of the road moving towards the path that your car was headed, you could have slowed enough to let the deer pass in front of you. The technology exists today that the car knows the direction of travel because it knows what road you are on, it knows how fast you are traveling and if it had a sensor that could determine the path the deer was on it could easily predict when the two paths would meet and allow you to take evasive action. That was the system would be for, seeing the deer you can't see and knowing which way the deer is headed. If it detects a deer in the woods but the deer is running away from the path of the car, it ignores the deer and does not notify the driver.