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Originally Posted by DaveManM3 View Post
No kidding, a bunch of holier than thous screaming from their soap boxes.
You're right. That's exactly what's going on. Its a bunch of "holier than thous" screaming from a soap box. It has nothing to do with the reality that you could have seriously injured someone + yourself. I can say I will NEVER drive tail of the dragon or mulholland just for the fact that people do this. I mean, even driving like a regular person on this road is dangerous, because someone who wanted to get an AWESOME racing line (on a public road for christ sake) could come barreling into the side of your car.

I mean, my lord, have some respect for other people who drive the road to actually get somewhere. I cant express in words how stupid it is. If you saw me driving calmly on a road wearing a firesuit and a full racing helmet, you'd think I was an idiot. It's the same thing with pretending you're on the nurburgring when you're actually on a road that people regularly drive on