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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Hey I simply took your question and turned it 180 degrees around, essentially saying that I haven't seen any substantial argument for either side.

Based on the documentary I've seen, even the engine in a 320i is at some point hand-assembled. I don't know if that's that case with every manufacturer, but at BMW there are some steps still done by hand. So by your definition, your engine and my engine are hand built for sure.

As for a labor of love, your skilled technician may have a terrible hangover when he has his hands I your engine, or perhaps his wife is cheating on him, so love for the work may or may not come into the equation. Even without extreme cases, for all you know it's just a boring job for him, and how would you know any different?

So by all means, buy the mystique along with the brand.
Let me elaborate, if hands make up the majority of the assembly process, yes I would call that hand built. As for hangover/wife cheated on him, from personal experience, I know better than to come to work drunk or moody. These technicians are assembling something that will have a factory warranty, and I know damn well Mercedes will not allow any slip ups coming from assembly. They do one thing over and over, and that's build these motors. I'd hope some are at least passionate about what they do, I mean, AMG has a motorsport image which is something each assembler should take pride in. I guess you are right, there is no way of knowing what the technician feels bored/pleased. All I know is, hand built or not doesn't really make a difference for me. Why can't we let this random man be thrilled about his 6.2 M156 beast of a motor and move on. I feel like we are arguing more about semantics than anything else. Some call it marketing or exclusivity, I say take pride in what you own and don't let others take that from you.
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