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Originally Posted by Snig View Post
+1! Under Obama, gas prices have shot up 100% vs 20% for Bush. Unemployment is almost 9% while it was 5% for Bush (and Clinton). $5 TRILLION spent under Obama in 3.5 years, vs. under $5 trillion by Bush in 8 years.

Let's keep blaming Bush and see how far that gets us. This administration is off the rails.
I hate it when people inject politics especially with incorrect cherry picked numbers.

Under Bush, there were unsubstantial job losses (see the data from Bureau of Labor Statistics graph below) as Obama took over in Jan 2009 and within 6 months, you can see there was an increase in job creation.

Current employment could have been around 7% except a lot of government employees got canned in the last 2 years

(St. Louis Federal Reserve) (govt jobs increased under Bush vs decrease under Obama)

Since Obama started his term in a mini depression environment and high debt base number, percentage increase in debt under Obama is 41% vs 89% for Bush. Reagan increased national debt by 188%.

Overall Stock market
Bush = -3.5% Annualized Returns / -43% (S&P 500 Total Returns - google finance)
Obama = + 20.6% Annualized Returns / +66% (S&P 500 Total Returns)

Not to mention under Bush, the +$1.0 trillion cost of Iraq war and 4000 US troops dead along with +100,000 Iraqi civilians.
And thanks to this invasion, now Iraqi's are helping Iranians skirt the sanctions.