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Originally Posted by 135er View Post
Well last update is (i never replied to the first texts btw) :

''Hey im so sorry for yesterday, i got very drunk and became very emotionnal. You know how close weve been and sometimes i wonder what it would have been if we met in an other context.

I really dont want you to judge me in anyway and want you to forget what i said as i really value you in my life...

love you xox''

WTF im so lost... i think im just not going to awnser for a while

back to friendzone /thread haha

bit of a jerk move to not respond though. cause to apologize takes guts.

I'd respond and tell her you'd like to meet up and talk about it over drinks

if she knows where you live already, then you can take her there. but if she doesn't, then do not take her and let her know where you live.

I have made this mistake before...