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Originally Posted by Powerbeast View Post
Most up some more daylight pics.
Don't worry I will at a later date. When exactly....well I don't know...

Originally Posted by Ohh_5H1T View Post
you mean mine? lol

Great choice in color OP... you'll see how much more attention you'll get now (if you haven't already started)... I can't keep people off my car out here... it almost gets annoying at times cuz everyone wants to touch it and leave finger prints

P.S. bet you almost cried wrapping the bumpers. Most frustrating part of the process! (considering you did this on your own)

P.P.S.... how much did you spend? if you DIY... should have been under a grand...
I spent like 600-700 for the vinyl and supplies like the squeegee and heat gun. I didn't cry but there were tears coming from my eyes because of I think the smell of the vinyl. I AM A MAN, I DO NOT CRY. And yes people touch it and ask me a bunch of questions about it. Just the other day some guy asked me what car it was and I told him it's an M3 and then he asked me if what models M3 makes.........