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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Do you have proof that it makes the engine better? Actual evidence? Because your whole post just seems like fanboism towards AMG.

All I'm saying is that it makes for a great marketing advantage, as apparently so many people are impressed by it. I'm of the group that couldn't care less how the engine is built: by Martians, elves or Santa's helpers, or some guy named Jochen who has a nice beer belly.

To my mind, the only time where a hand built engine makes sense is if you have a superstar builder who knows things that are not common knowledge and where this and his legendary attention to detail can make and extra 20 horses or whatever. At AMG everything is documented to the Nth degree, variances are actually eliminated whenever possible and like I said in a modern factory facility everything can be traced up to which station and even which spanner was used.

The 6.2 is made in relatively large numbers because it goes into many models (or it did before they became emission obsessed like BMW and switched to a turbo engine lineup). At its production peak, it went into the E, M, C, SL, S and even G class cars. So not really hand built, but rather hand assembled. Big deal...
You think me asking you to substantiate your claim makes me a fanboy? Grow up. Do you see my username? I'm not exactly an AMG fanboy, but I do think they make some great engines. Besides dodging my question entirely, let me answer yours. Do I think it makes them inherently better? No. But is it something to be proud of, why the hell not? Even if it doesn't necessarily provide more horsepower being hand built/assembled/what have you, why wouldn't I be happy that my engine was built by a skilled technician who does his job with the finesse and love that machines don't possess? It's not all about performance numbers, I guess I'm one of the few that value intangible qualities such as workmanship. I suppose you have higher standards for what constitutes hand built. For me at least, if hands are directly involved in assembling the engine, it's hand built. Aston Martin hand builds some amazing V12s that aren't really the most powerful, but unique nonetheless.
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