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Carwash = squeaky brakes?

Hello guys.

Basically my car got a little squeaky lately and its quite embarrassing. I took it to the dealer and was told its due to the contactless carwash. Basically the guys at the carwash put some chemicals in their water which when gets into contact with the brakes makes them squeaky. I said fine and didnt wash the car for 3 weeks as it was sunny nd barely got dirty. But I took it to the carwash today (different one - significantly better but i avoid it because its quite a drive to there ) and had it washed and specifically told the guy about the issue. He said fine i will just rinse it off. However all that happened is that my car is now clean but still squeaks.

I wanted to ask you guys, detailers and all, is it possible for whatever mixture that gets in contact with the breaks to make them squeak so much? Personally im calling misaligned breaks but that would need another dealer trip so im just checking with you.

Thanks in advance.