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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
I guess youíve never hit a deer then.

That's the point, I very diligently watch were I'm going. I drive a lot of miles in rural areas where there are (mostly) deer present, along with bear, and the occasional cow or horse. I watch so diligently that I sometimes donít enjoy the drive (which is one of the reasons to own a BMW Ė drive fast on back country roads). Cows generally are not a problem because they move pretty slowly. Bears are really bad because where I live there are black bears, which are almost impossible to see at night even with HIDs. Deer are the worst.

The system I envision is really for detecting the fast moving animas such as deer that are in the woods along the side of the road and are on the move towards the path of the car. Those are the deer that pop out of the brush on you at the last second because they are spooked by something and get into the path of the car and are unavoidable. The system should be able to detect a deer running through the woods several hundred yards from the road that are head towards the path of the car. The system should alert the driver of the threat so he can slow down and increase his sense of awareness that an animal could jump out into the path of the car. Coming upon deer that are static objects on the side of the road are usually avoidable; unless they are around a corner.
I made my statement because I have hit a deer, and there is no system in the world that could have prevented it. I was on a heavily wooded 30 mph road and the deer came out perpendicular to me in a full run, I got her right in her side.