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Originally Posted by Biff Grissel View Post
i live in northern california and drive back country roads late at night all the time, so i know exactly what ur talking about. u can drive as defensivly as humanly possible and a deer will literrally run out into the road and in front of you from the dark woods, ive even seen a deer run into the side of moving car, they are unpredictable, fast, abundant and dumber than shit...thats a prety bad combo for any animal, much less one that can do this much damage to an unsuspecting driver, I think ur on to something here it sounds very easy with all the technology they have in theese cars theese days. u should look further into this idea, seems genius and an absolute must have if u live in our areas.
Thanks. I also ride a motorcycle, where I system like this would be truly a life saver. I work for a company that could develop it. I may throw the idea at the execs. Propably one reason car manufacturers don't offer the system is a deer hit is a good revenue generator for repair parts; usually the only thing that dies is the deer. If you've ever driven in Maine, moose are a real problem. The issue with moose is at night; the damed things are so tall that passenger car headlights can only illuminate the legs, which are dark colored and have no mass to reflect the light back to your eyes so it's hard to see them. You hit a moose, you take out its legs and the 1,500 pound body come right into the windshield. Not fun.