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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
The S65 is an amazing engine for sure. The AMG 6.2 is also a stunning engine. Both rev very freely to redline, both are fairly bullet proof. The S65 feels more like a highly strung race car engine. The AMG has a sound/grunt that is addictive. I really love both even though they feel slightly different.

The AMG 5.5 engine is no where near as entertaining as the other two IMO. I'm not a fan of turbo set ups in general. Although it is a VERY fast engine and is easily tuned, I prefer the feel, responsiveness, revving ability and sound of both the S65 and AMG 6.2.
..any opportunity I have to jump in the 6.2 I will take and then be able to discuss more intelligently. I just responded to the thread as I feel that what BMW has accomplished with the S65 is simply amazing. Come Spring time I may very well be back in one.