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Originally Posted by Mahzari View Post
Because humans, generally, look the exact same. Two eyes, a nose, arms, legs, a body.

What you're asking for is a system that has a copy of EVERY animal (from squirrel to giraffe) and a way to compare EVERY object on your screen to EVERY animal in all of the animal kingdom within a split-second to warm you that it's an animal.

If they had this system, half of the time it would tell you that a tree branch was an animal.
Well not really. The system shouldn't care about small rodents since they pose no threat to damage of the car or driver safety (such as a moose coming through the windshield). Second, the system only needs to detect a large animal that can damage the car or pose a threat to the driver and passengers in the car. It doesn't need to specifically recognize EVERY animal. For instance, if you are driving in Pittsburg, the system doesn't need to have an image of a giraffe stored in memory since giraffes don't live in Pennsylvania, or generally are roaming free across the countryside of Pittsburg....

And it wouldn't detect a tree branch as an animal since it is looking for heat signature. Trees do not internally generate heat like humans or animals do.

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