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I won't buy Sigma for just that reason. Way too many people say you need to keep swapping out until you get a sharp copy. Screw that. I've read the same about most Tammies, but the 24-70 seems to have a pretty solid backing.
One of the first lenses I bought when I got my first dSLR was a Sigma 28-70. Ended up selling it because I decided to step into something different but the guy I sold it to bought it because I still had the warranty card. The copy I had had some softness to it. He planned to send it back to Sigma to try to resolve it.

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Sharpness test with the 300. First is an export sharpened RAW at f/2.8. Next two are unsharpened screenshots from lightroom, first at f/2.8 and second at f/8. Both shot on a tripod @ ISO100 and 10 sec timer. Focus on the bottom of the inside corona ring.
Why must you tempt us with this?!