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Originally Posted by Nine View Post
Ok, to be serious. There are two types of wrinkles, those that are raised and those that are caused by natural wear on the leather. The wrinkles that are typically found on new vehicles occur as a result of how the leather was wrapped or installed. While on the other hand, leather wrinkles caused by usage appear as a result of pressure or weight applied to various parts of the seat. Think of it like a wrinkle on your skin.

I personally use swissvax, it seems to keep the leather the softest and helps prevent and heal the wear winkles, often you can smooth out some of the 'wear' wrinkles so they no longer appear, this is expecially true on the seats.
I'm sure other products do a great job, as I've posted before I think I would rate Swissvax ahead of BMW, Lexol and Megs. I haven't used any other brands mainly because I have so many different conditioners laying around. Once the swissvax runs out, I will probably consult the forum pro-detailers on what the best conditioner is on the market.

I think you will find that for some of us, no matter what we do, the wear from usage is accelerated and often, you'll see a thread about warranty claims on replacing leather seats, steering wheels, etc.

I can post or PM you pictures if you'd like, if you want black interior, I'm not sure it's worth the money to go full leather, but if you want for example fox or bamboo or a combo, I would say you really need to get the full leather. At the end of the day, it's a car,and we are talking about wrinkles in leather.

Can't wait to see your next M...
hahahaha ya id appreciate if you pmed me pics of it. im torn between getting individual interior, the same as the frozen silver special edition car:

or black extended

or black/silver two tone. but thats what i currently have on my car now and this is my 4th e92 in the past 4 years so im kinda "over" the fake looking leather parts