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Originally Posted by UnaBomber View Post
i bought a gtr and spent the extra 70k modding it and now its way faster in every aspect than either of the P cars
This is very weird logic to me, so it's pure performance and value, nothing else? Seems like I could make that logic work against the GT-R with a handful of cars...adding 50k-70k in mods to just about any car I could smoke a GT-R all day long.

Very odd...

Originally Posted by pharmdphd98 View Post
Initially I didn't consider the 997 Turbo but before I made my decision I did look at what's available on the market in my area and the only thing in the same price range was a 997.1 Turbo with 18K miles. I figure that GT-R actually outperforms that car and newer 911s cost much more so the GT-R is still the best value.
Best value, seems like the common trend with the GT-R. Did you test drive any p cars vs. the gtr? I just wonder about the GT-R going heads up against a GT3Rs or Turbo(s) in terms of ownership, most I've read about people who drives these p cars cars, they wish to drive nothing else, whereas with the GT-R, there seems to be quite a bit of turnover.