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Originally Posted by tibra1
Originally Posted by talontid View Post
you're not getting the true feel, it feels soft cause of the clutch spring. You can remove that, but I don't mind it. Also not really a reason to do a big job like swapping the clutch just cause it feels weird right? It works fine, then leave it alone.

But if you really want A/M
OS Giken and I think Spec makes a pretty decent clutch.

Have heard rumors of an ACT but don't/can't find it so I dunno about that
OEM is more than capable..there are guys SC'd who have no issue with it.

ACT doesnt make an application for the M3..I had the ACT on my 335i b/c the OEM couldnt take the 400 ft-lbs of torque that a tuned 335i was making and started slipping (ahhh the gold ol days )

As stated..clutch spring removal may improve feel..I personally like everything as is right out of the box on the M3
ACT makes a clutch for the 6MT M3. PG got one on his car.

OEM clutch is more than enough. I've had my stock clutch SC'd and was replaced at 50000 miles with one time slip per the BMW computer at 30000 miles and it was reset and never happened again.
Im running a stock now on my VT3 built motor and no issues.