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Originally Posted by e92zero View Post
It looks like replacing the subframe bushing to solid one is good way to go with no impact to NVH. I will probably go that route later on as I plan to keep this car for as long as I can.

However this worries me.

I don't want the wind as it's my dd and others in the family would not appreciate it one bit. From italyix's thread, it's the foam diff bushing in the back that worries me the most. Would be nice if we can source a harder rubber one or the group N one to replace this foam piece. I saw on turner's page that they do have a harder rubber diff bushings for the older generation. Not sure when/if they will come out with one for our E9X.
I'd be glad to give you a ride and you can hear for yourself. I agree though, NOT a family friendly mod...for sure
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