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Weird friendzone/girl issue...

Tought i was friendzoned by some girl i didnt have enough time for a few months ago. I still kept in touch with her but mostly by txt and i kept it as brief as it could be (I was really busy with work and stuff). Many times she would imply that she was so happy to have met me and that she values my friendship and stuff so i never really cared about trying or putting efforts into seing her.

I saw her yesterday night at Terasse bonsecour and she was with a few of her girlfriends having drinks and supper while i was there with an other girl.

Today... i get a hate message telling me that i am an asshole for making her feel like we had something going on and that i didnt value our friendship and that i was just like every single other guy she's met...

Thing is... we never had anything going on... never hugged, never kissed, never fucked so WTF...

How would you deal with this ? simple pms ? or was i not even in the friendzone ? or is she just an attention whore ?