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Recently Martin sent me a care package and he wanted me to try the products, I said I would and would give my opinion good or bad honestly.

The products I have utilized to date.....

Tire Gel: Not my cup of tea, does not penetrate the tire sidewall and slinged slightly.......nice smell though reminded me of Megs "Endurance".

Citrus Power: Outstanding product.

Mint Wheel Wax: obviously great mint smell, but put it on some Porsche silver OE wheels the other day and it went on and off very easy popped the finish plus gave the surface a real soft slick feel.

Lather: Good suds and cleaning power, did not strip the LSP of the two cars I used the soap on, needed to replenlish the soap after a little while though.

Tripple: Used it on my wife's commuter vehicle (Silver Nissan Sentra) as I have been in high production lately her vehicle was neglected, worked nice .................... smelled some possible solvent based make up, decent light defect removel for a AIO product. Finish was slick and bright after application.

Will get to the others as time permits Martin.