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Why No Animal Detection System?

So I got to thinking on my drive home tonight; why doesn't BMW develop an animal detection system? I think the technology is here. They've developed a pedestrian detection system for the F10 and from what I read of it, it's limited in its effectiveness. But it just seems to need a better sensor suite and help from a database. The new F30 has all-around cameras now, why can't there be some decent high-mounted IR cameras too? And with a nav system the car always knows where it is. Why not tap into insurance/police databases that track deer/animal strikes. This would allow the car to be more aware in locations where there are a high number of deer/animal strikes. Also, the car knows what time of day and what time of year it is when deer/animal strikes are likely to occur, so all of that data could be fused into a database to make the system smart.

I'd gladly pay $2,500 for this option rather than, say, heated seats and a heated steering wheel; or a seat that cools your ass.

Just a thought.