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Originally Posted by ward View Post
a-rod's will pass bonds in a few more years anyways, so does it really matter?

you guys would like bonds if he was on your team
Not a chance, not ever. I would rather have a team like the Pirates used to be sometime ago with not a single person paid over $400K than a FuckStain like Bonds. Team unity and a sense of that team is much better than having a superstar loaner. From a fan standpoint, the opposite is true and we all know it, but I still waouldn't want Barry on my Dodgers even if he hit a homerun in every game....Honest to god!

Originally Posted by 561design View Post
Isn't that the point of professional sports. To worship those that can do what you can't? Isn't that why they get paid so much money? What's the point of watching pro sports anyways? All the players get swapped around more than a drunk girl at a frat party.

What if they were given a reasonable salary for what they do? Maybe that would humble them. Take that money and put it into things that matter like schools and hospitals.

It's the fans, media and money that get to their heads. I understand why most have an attitude. Everyone around them encourages it.
Sports is to be watched because it gives each person something to believe in and something to fulfill that sense of competition each of us have even though it is being realized vicariously through Professional atheletes, College atheletes, and even the kids we coach. I personally am still playing football and baseball a couple levels below professional and I play because I love the sport. I firmly believe these athletes play the sport they play because they love it too, at least for the most part, and not soley for the money.

Originally Posted by bkms1 View Post
i don't see the big deal never tested positive
Get real, noone has ever caught you masturbating, but we all know you do....

Originally Posted by bkms1 View Post
why didnt the guy holding the asterisk tell his buddy throw the ball back. Most of these fans are full of shit
Would you throw away $1,000,000 if it just landed in your lap? Even if it was given to you by your most hated opponent? I thought not.

Originally Posted by doc1911 View Post
If find it interesting that the greatest and most long-lived cultures or societies (Greeks, Romans, S. American Indians) most respected and revered their teachers and soldiers. Now we are in a state of chaos and our cheaters are the most powerful and well paid (athelets, actors, and politicains).......... maybe I'm just bias b/c I'm a soldier and get shot at half my life.....

F- Bonds I hope he dies
While I agree with you to a minor degree, I fully believe that we still respect and revere our teachers and more importantly our soldiers, especially in these times of war and chaos. The fact of the matter is that there is a small percentage of the population that can be a professional athelete, actor/actress, or politician and these are the peope that are individualized by the media. Whereas, soldiers and teachers are a dime a dozen and are lumped together as a whole. Don't get it twisted, I'm not saying anyone can be a soldier or a teacher, but there certainly are more of them in the world. Also to be noted, we highly respect the best of the best in each arena, whether it be teaching (professors at top colleges), soldiers (Green Beret, Navy SEALs, Rangers, Delta Force, etc), or politics (Speaker of the House, Presidents (like JFK, Ike, Reagan, Truman, Wilson, Lincoln, Washington, etc).

So, while agree with you, I beg to differ on a few minor points. BTW, you as a soldiers are the best asset this country has and we are pulling for you whether we, as a bipartisan nation, show it or not

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