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Originally Posted by radiantm3 View Post
Well this is what I'm trying to figure out.
A simple meth kit will restore your power that you feel drivng at home just after your car has warmed up on a cool day. An upgrade to the intercooled VT2 kit is a MUCH more expensive alternative.

With my simple meth kit and Procede tune in my 335i I ran even with PencilGeek in an ESS 535 SC e92 m3's in conditions where IAT's were up there. I'm around 400 wheel HP at ambient temp/sea level and the ESS 535 M3 was 472 wheel HP in ambient temp/sea level, but on the track with high IAT's my HP only drops slightly but the non-intercooled M3 must have dropped much more for our race from 40-145 to end in a tie. My log on the run with PG showed that my IAT's started at 45c and ended just under 40c. On my previous run against another car, my meth didn't flow and logged IAT's starting at 45c and rising to 90c!!!! A huge testiment to meth on FI applications running at sustained boost for long periods.

By the way at my last track event I ran at Big Willow in 90 degree temps and ran 19psi of boost all day long with the meth and oil temps were solid at just under 250. Same as daily driving. On the back straight I was pulling on a heavily modded (580 Hp est) M6 and stayed right with a 667 Hp tuned biturbo CLS AMG.
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