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Originally Posted by 561design View Post
Isn't that the point of professional sports. To worship those that can do what you can't? Isn't that why they get paid so much money? What's the point of watching pro sports anyways?
Wrong on all levels. The point of pro sports is to watch the best athletes do what they do best, and the competition is what counts. How can you have a fair competition when certain players are doing illegal things to get ahead. Have you even played sports? It's all about the competition. And if the competition is cheating and getting away with it, what does it mean for those who are doing it the right way? Should they cheat just to keep up, or should the league do something about it? And as any red sox fans would tell you, it's not about watching people do what you can't, its about being part of a team, and a community that's larger than your small group of friends and family. Being part of a stadium full of people all cheering and hoping for the same thing is pretty fun to be a part of.

All I know is the Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth hit 700+ home runs before the age of steroids and the guy about to break Aaron's record has doubled in size since his 20s. I'm not a doctor, but I'm pretty sure that your 20's should be the prime of your physical conditioning.

Now Bonds will be number one. So what does that mean for base ball? Everyone not gets compared to a guy that shot up with steroids to get where he is?

Whatever, this topic just pisses me off.

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